Dr. Michael Vitale Quoted in New York Times Article on Schroth Therapy

Dr. Michael Vitale was quoted in the New York Times article “Hope for an S-Shaped Back” about his work with Schroth Therapy.

Dr, Vitale on Schroth Therapy

“If you look critically at the body of literature, there is evidence that, when properly done in the right situation, with the right therapist and the right patient, Schroth can change the chance of curve progression,” said Dr. Michael Vitale, chief of pediatric orthopedics at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital.

New York Times on the Growth of Schroth Therapy

Some orthopedists have recommended surgery; others have suggested conventional physical therapy. None can say whether either protocol will eliminate pain, and until recently these were my only options.

Now there may be another: an exercise regimen called the Schroth method. Developed in the 1920s in Germany by Katharina Schroth, the technique is a standard treatment for scoliosis in children and adults in several European countries.

The therapy, tailored to each patient’s curves, focuses on halting curve progression, reducing pain, and improving posture, strength and lung function. The exercises include stretching, strengthening and breathing techniques that counteract the rotation of spinal curvatures. Patients are supposed to do them at home and incorporate postural corrections into their daily lives.