The Largest CP patient registry in North America

The Weinberg Family CP Center's research team actively maintains the largest CP patient registry in North America, with over 4000 patients enrolled.  Through both prospective data collection and retrospective analysis, the team continues to build this important research tool to expand our understanding of CP and related medical conditions.


The prospective arm of the registry allows the research team to actively enroll adult and pediatric patients seen at CUMC who are diagnosed with CP.


The retrospective arm of the registry allows us to query hospital  databases to identify patients seen at CUMC according to ICD-10 codes and common CPT codes for patients with CP. 

This two pronged approach allows our researchers to capture a more complete picture than ever of the full scope of patients living with CP.  Our registry offers a solid platform for multidisciplinary longitudinal research focused on outcomes-related long term care.  With ten to fifteen years of data, it is now possible to study cerebral palsy across the life span.