Drs. David Roye, Joshua Hyman, & Michael Vitale Earn 2015 ‘Top Doctors’ Award

Drs. David Roye, Joshua Hyman, and Michael Vitale were named “Top Doctors in the New York Metro Area” by Castle Connolly in 2015.

Castle Connolly identifies top doctors, nationally and regionally, based on an extensive nominations process open to all licensed physicians in the United States.

Top Doctors: Dr. David Roye

David P. Roye, Jr., MD, specializes in treating pediatric spinal deformities, including scoliosis, and performing hip surgery on adolescents. Dr. Roye has dedicated his career to improving the lives of children both here and abroad.

In 2009, Dr. Roye received the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ Humanitarian Award. The Children’s Dream Foundation also recognized Dr. Roye for his contributions to children’s healthcare.

Top Doctors: Dr. Joshua Hyman

Joshua E. Hyman, MD, specializes in treating pediatric orthopedic conditions and is one of the world’s foremost experts on Cerebral Palsy.

As Associate Director of the Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center, Dr. Hyman helps oversee a team of medical professionals that carefully designs and executes personalized treatment programs for each and every patient to achieve the best possible outcomes. He is a staunch advocate for pediatric patients with Cerebral Palsy (CP), believing that they, like all children, require comprehensive healthcare. He is dedicated to ensuring the delivery of this high-quality care across the lifespan for patients with CP while also addressing the concerns of their families.

Top Doctors: Dr. Michael Vitale

Dr. Michael G. Vitale specializes in the non-operative and operative treatment of complex pediatric scoliosis and other spinal disorders, and performs approximately 200 scoliosis procedures every year, half of which are in children less than 8 years of age. Dr. Vitale has a special interest in innovative treatments for younger children with scoliosis, including the use of a magnetic spine lengthening device (“MAGEC”) which eliminates the need to perform repeat spinal surgeries every 6-9 months on growing children, non-fusion procedures such as vertebral stapling and vertebral tethers, “growing rods,” and the “Shilla” procedure.