Advisory Board

Membership on the Advisory Board is to be limited to a small group of dedicated volunteers and leaders in the field who have a passion to raise awareness about CP.  Members bring unique perspectives to our efforts and are instrumental in the future of our enterprise by:

  • Serving as advocates, advisors, and ambassadors for the Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center at Columbia University.
  • Providing strategic counsel to the Center’s leadership and those involved in caring for patients with CP and other neuromuscular conditions and their families, and ensuring that all efforts are consistent with the mission of the Center.
  • Spreading word of the Center to friends and colleagues, and support the center's philanthropic and outreach missions.

Advisory Board Members

Debby Weinberg, Chair

Elena Anadolis

Ashley Caldwell

Cynthia Frisina

Andrew M. Gordon, PhD

Julie Joseph, MD, MPH, MBA

Nicholas J. Morrissey, MD

Herald Ritch

Caroline Weinberg

Peter A. Weinberg

Scott M. Wright, MD

Ex-Officio David P. Roye, Jr., MD